May Cabinet Company –

A design build company

Exquisite, personalized design is not an “extra”, “add-on” or “option”. It is a natural consequence to the work that May Cabinet Company does every day!


Cheri Hardiman takes the design lead. She has an innate sense of design and balance. She understands building, carpentry and general flow and has intense insight with color and texture and how these things come together to create desired images and moods. Having a designer on the team has real appeal for the clients of May Cabinet Company and is far less costly than soliciting an outside designer. Cheri brings more to the table though.

Cheri is, of course, educated about the “latest and greatest”. She also worked in fashion and personal image for decades. What she has learned goes far deeper than average! Just as every person isn’t comfortable with or looks their best in the latest trendy hair styles or attire, not every space looks best or projects a desired mood in the “latest and greatest”. Each space has a unique personality and it's uses a unique dynamic. 


Cheri is as much a people- lover and a genuinely interested listener, as she is an advisor. There are few designers that have the capacity to combine all of the critical elements into finished products that truly are loved and that work on every level!  Cheri is a competent and confident designer who is genuinely excited to work with you!